Now she got on the scale and ventures into 50 Shades of Grey

Greetings one and all. Firstly shout out to Republic of Sunshyne for taking the 21 No Junk Food Challenge . She is taking it to 30 Days and you can check her updates here .So it’s been 15 Days and the need to grab a packet of crips has dwindled and yes dates taste better than chocolates especially when you realize they do not add a centimeter to your thighs or hips.  My gym buddy Kat has taken to the most interesting receipes and I will ask her to guest blog soon with her many healthy receipes. Cheers to peanuts ; dates ; dried mango and Provitas . This new life is not as bad as I thought it would be .

So today while I measure Kat (she measures her waist ; arms ; thighs and tummy weekly ) she goaded me to step onto the scale. Now this has been my nemesis for months and as I took of my jewellery I thought how bad could this be ? Onto the scale I went and like a casino player waited for the number to appear. Lo and behold friends I have lost more weight than I assumed I had. Yes you might be thinking duh with running and gym 4 mornings a week it should add up. So I hit a happy dance today but am motivated to go and do more.

Exercise is addictive darlings and it seems the body prefers to go through a beating daily and get used to the pain. I know a bit sadistic but it’s the truth. When I exericse and do not ache I go hard the next day just so I can ache. I know madness. So everyone is on the Insanity tip . The new Shaun T workout is the current buzz word the “cool kids ” swear by. I saw a preview of the workout and no , I won’t do it not now not ever. It’s pure madness and the levels of fitness you must possess are way higher than my current status on that chain. So I’m sticking to Taebo ; Zumba ; Kickboxing and Weights. The more variety you add the more parts you work out.

Exams are over and this means I can indulge my first love : READING . I love novels ; romance novels to be specific .It’s the most relaxing thing I love doing honestly and after all the hype and reviews I have decided to read 50 Shades of Grey. If you have no clue what this book is about check the website of E.L.James here,  the author of this fascinating trilogy.I am set to begin the 1st book in the set this weekend. It’s part of our book club list so I will venture in and let you know if the hype is worth it . I shared this fact with Mr NSR and asked him if I could discuss my findings with him and he blatanly refused. Yes my darling is an amazing man but he does not understand how I read thick novels and remain sane.  So between the book club and the blog readers we shall review the hype.If you have read the books let me know your thoughts.

The running is going well ; the cold does make you doubt the power of your lungs but every step down the journey is worth it. I need to invest in gloves and a nice warm beanie , the tempretures in Johannesburg have been below tolerable. My vision of myself in summer is running in tights with no sweater around my waist hmmm let’s see if we get there.


I hope you and yours are well and until next week ~ blessings.



Now she is on a new challenge mix an exam and a lot of happiness


My Soul says yes ….


I won’t apologize for being a bad blogger darling but life tends to happen and as much as I love this blog it sometimes becomes the furthest thing from my mind but always near and dear to my heart.Winter is upon us well a bipolar version of it anyhow. One day it’s warm and wonderful ; even though you have bundled yourself up like a snowman and the next it’s cold and you are freezing because you did not bundle yourself up like a snowman . In all this I continue to run but have had to relook my route as the sun goes done earlier now and the temperatures do drop quite a bit. However I am happy to report that we are still on track and still running.

The sweetness of results is an amazing thing .I looked at myself after my Saturday morning run and realized I was looking better than I have in a while. I actually have a waist can you believe it and my calf muscles look good. It’s in that moment I thanked myself for taking on this journey. A split second later I was asking myself how much further can I really go. The strength that comes from knowing I made the effort and did this is worth it.
Now as most women I am concerned about my weight but no longer obsessed (amazing feeling) and I came across the picture below with the words: Get fit in the Gym and Lose weight in the Kitchen. How incredibly true is that? What we put into our bodies results in what we look like hence I’ve made a vow my body won’t be a waste basket. Time to shovel the dirt out and nourish it with good food. You are what you eat is that not true?

You are what you Eat …

So in my excitable moment I came across The 21 Day No Junk Food Challenge. Now Miss NSR is currently caught up with challenges , I mean if it is a challenge it means it can be done and conquered .I quickly jumped onto this bandwagon and pulled in my gym buddy Kat for support (You see I gym in the mornings and run in the evenings ) . I told Kat we can do this and this decision we made yesterday has us today bidding farewell to junk food. I have a distinct weakness for crisps. I will not deny it or refuse it – I love crisps. Hence this is battle number 2 and I set out to win.
I love making declarations I mean it’s a testament of faith is it not? So I posted the 21 day challenge on Facebook and a few more people are keen to take part in the challenge. After chatting to Kat we decided on a Whatsapp Support Group .Yes darlings; this is rehab (screaming in my head Sparta) . So we are taking it seriously and have even put together a list of craving substitutes. It’s all about preparation and we plan to stick to this.

Hello Junk Food Rehab…

This all the while in the middle of preparing for my final Accounting and Finance exam on Monday. After this I register for another program. Yes this year it’s all about working hard and not wasting a minute. If you at any point cannot account for a year and what you have done with it, you are missing a huge chunk of your life. Study, better yourself and learn something new be it a language or even a new way of cooking. I often wish I had been this focused in my early teens but the folly of youth.
I have never been this excited or driven or focused I’m not sure what it is but I like this feeling .I want to bottle it up and keep it for a very long time. So wish us luck on the 21 Day Challenge which I will update you of and the running. I can’t stop running, it has become quite addictive (lol) .Accounting and Finance revision await.

Blessings to you and yours….

Now she has injuries; a light bulb moment and exams

No excuses just an update ….

No excuses this time; none what so ever ….. But the reason to write still exists. I choose to be honest with whoever reads this and I am nowhere near perfect.

If you have decided to run please note there will be injuries involved. I found this out 2 weeks ago when I pulled my calf muscle and could not walk properly and the thought of running had me feeling very demotivated. You see your body is a mix of muscles and tendons and too much running; as I learnt can damage them. I was horrified when I walk up and couldn’t move my leg. It was stiff and painful (all that stuff they talk about stretching take it very seriously), I was temporarily out of action and it a week for it to heal and not feel as painful. Needless to say this meant a week out of action and you guessed it that was enough to semi- derail the journey. How fickle are our bodies though?

 After enjoying weeks of running it suddenly became stubborn again and would not move let alone the thought of running was chucked out of the window. Yes Miss NSR was out and really didn’t care. Nothing moved or motivated me. (Sound familiar?) .This is when you want to give up but know that the price you are not willing to pay is never going to be worth it. So I went back to basics. I hit the gym 4 times a week; with a very simple 4 day routine:

 Monday: Elliptical

Tuesday: Taebo

Wednesday: Circuit Cardio

Thursday: Zumba

I had to go back to building a routine and allowing my body to begin to “warm” to the idea of exercise once again .After 2 weeks of this; yesterday I hit the road. Joy oh Joy. The body is such a fickle lover .I was in control and resumed the C 2 5K challenge at Week 4 Day 1. In all this I have come to a place of forgiving myself when I don’t exercise; of loving myself enough to push myself and starting the process of change from the inside out.